Saturday, February 21, 2009

A visit at Villa Filoli

When I wrote about my favorite gardens last year, I mentioned the garden of Villa Filoli as one of them. Filoli has just opened its doors this week after the winter break. This morning  we went to see how far along nature is at this beautiful estate. 
It's still a little too early, the Daffodils are just starting to stick out their yellow heads, the pear and apple alleys are not blooming yet and the roses don't have any leaves. But the sleeping beauty of the different garden rooms is apparent. In a few weeks this will be spring paradise. I will go back and take more pictures. Promise!
The gardeners have worked hard to make the garden rooms look beautiful. They placed containers with bulbs in every nook of the garden. Too bad that I cannot post the scent of the Paperwhites here. Stunning!

Do you remember Krystl and Blake Carrington walking down these stairs in Dynasty
The estate where the filming of the 80's TV show took place is not in Denver but in Woodside, California, 25 miles South of San Francisco and 30 miles North of where I live.

The beautiful Garden House.

And the pretty kitchen


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