Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fortune cookies and more

During the last couple of days I have been very busy - sewing like a mad woman. Here you see some of the things I made.

This is a fabric fortune cookie. I saw this very cute idea on the German blog Frau Liebe  and shamelessly copied it. In her blog Frau Liebe explains step by step in pictures how to make these beauties - in case you want to copy this idea as well. I think they make a perfect little (Valentine's) gift. You can write a gift certificate, a lovely message or a nice quote on a piece of paper and pop it in the cooky. Done!

Here is my whole collection.

Then - tada - I made this bag. I will sell it on etsy (although my daughter Luzie wants me to keep it). I love this fabric. I bought it a while ago  at Hancock Fabrics. It's called "Pacesetter" and was designed by Laurie Smith, a designer at TLC's "Trading Spaces". Originally it was meant to go on the seat cushion of our kitchen bench. Then we moved before I got to make it and now there is no kitchen bench anymore. 

And since I bought a lot of fabric I also made this little dress. It's a size 12 ms. It would make a perfect spring dress for a baby girl taking her first steps on the front lawn.

Oh and I won!!! I am one of three lucky winners to win a set of postcards that Jill Bent gave away for her 1 year blog "36 Shea" anniversary. 

Thanks Jill, I love the postcards! 

Check out her blog and her etsy store. Her taste and style is right up my alley.  

Have a nice rest of the week.


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