Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At last!

Finally we have a new president. Obama completed Inauguration Day and his first day in the office. I was really touched yesterday and couldn't help but cry a little bit when he came down the stairs before his oath.
I kept on wondering what might go through Michelle's head. I would be so scared about my husband's safety and the safety of these adorable girls - I am. 
They are such a great couple. It was so cute how they danced at the "Neighborhood Ball" while Beyonce sang Etta James' great song "At Last". *sigh*
I downloaded the song from iTunes today and have been singing it all day today. Let's hope for change and hope for a long life of President Obama and his family.

Here in California change has come to the weather at last. Much needed rain is drumming on my roof while I sit here and write these lines. We had an early summer these past 10 days and went to the beach a couple of times while it lasted.

My girls walking along the beach South of Ano Nuevo State Park. The big thing lying on the beach behind them is a sleeping elephant seal.

Beach life in Princeton-by-the-Sea/ Half Moon Bay.


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