Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello again...

It took me some time to return to my blog and write a couple of lines. I had a bad cold and then my whole family had it and I had to pamper everyone.

Now I am finally almost back to my old self. I even made a new pillow case.

During the summer I went on a little treasure hunt in my grandparent's cellar and discovered (next to wine bottles dating back to the 60ies) unbelievably cool 70ies draperies in bright pink and orange. I was really surprised about my grandmother's bold choice. How cool was she? I wish I had pictures of their house in the 70ies.

I will now make more pillow cases for me and to sell on etsy. I think they look just great. 

Also I hung my new print that I bought from sfgirlbybay and just love it. 

By the way the tall red lamp is another find from my grandparents cellar.

Have a sweet Halloween week.


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