Sunday, October 19, 2008

busy weekend

Finally I was able to cut out some time from my busy weekend to sew a couple of small items.

The first thing I made is this travel pillow for my mother's upcoming birthday. My parents love to travel and also my Mom loves browns and enjoys the softness of wool. I used a very soft almost velvetlike wool cloth and stitched in a modern design on the front.

Then I made some Gingham-felt hearts and keychains for my etsy store

I am planning on making more the coming weeks. But first I have to finish my advent calendar project: A German custom is to have Advent calendars for the 24 days before Christmas. You can now find chocolate calendars even here in the US. In our family it's tradition to give one small gift each of the 24 days leading to Christmas. 
Since I have two daughters this sums up to 48 gifts - meaning buy them, wrap them and somehow display them. This is why I started to sew little drawstring bags in order to skip the wrapping and display part for all times. Yesterday I managed to sew 12 bags. Only 36 to go... ;-)

I will show you as soon as I am done with the first calendar. 

Have a splendid week.


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