Monday, October 13, 2008

fall thoughts

It has been cooling down here in the San Francisco Bay Area during the last couple of days. Although we still have warm afternoons, the mornings and nights are pretty chilly now.

That made me think about my favorite things to do or have in fall:

10 fall favorites:

1. drink tea instead of coffee
Tea cup by shadphotos.

2. wear warm woolen sweaters and socks

Sock Prayer Flags. by Knitting Iris.

3. light candles

4. cuddle up on the couch with a woolen throw

5. down beds

Federbett Steppbett Bettdecke Daunendecke Decke 135x200cm

6. wear pretty winter accessories like scarfs, hats and gloves

Cloud Spotter Mac

7. rainy days (some rain - not constant rain like in Germany)

8. Carve, cook, eat and decorate the house with pumpkins

9. baking


10. prep the garden for winter

Deluxe Potting Bench

Have a beautiful fall!!!


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