Thursday, November 6, 2008

YES - we can!

A little belated I am returning to tell you how very happy I am with the outcome of the election.
There is still a lot of work for Mr. Obama and his folks but as he told us: "Yes - we can!" Enough with politics now.
I had a not so good day yesterday. My iBook gave up on me and my hubby worked all day to wake it up from it's beauty rest. It's back and working after some techie magic he performed. 
But my iPhoto and iTunes libraries are EMPTY!!! He is now trying to figure out how to recover this most important data for me - it seems to be lingering on the hard drive somewhere. 
I would be crushed if my 5000+ photos would be lost! And all my music. So please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I found a blog that I am very excited about because this gal is living the exact opposite of my life in a very similar way. Doesn't make sense? 
She is an American living in Germany blogging about her life and her very cute house there. While my blog is still in its baby shoes hers is already a very stylish teenager with most valuable renovation, shopping and style tips. Check it out!

Have a nice day!


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