Monday, November 24, 2008

some winterly decorating

This morning I found a quiet moment to decorate our house a little festive. I will do more decorating next week. My daughter has her 7th birthday party here on Sunday with 14 girls and I don't want to have to many delicate treasures out in the open for that happening. 

I am soo jealous because in Germany it is snowing. I really miss the change of the seasons here in California sometimes. At least we are supposed to get some rain tomorrow - actually much needed rain.

Here you can see what I did. Oh and you can now access my flickr site from here. See the badge on the right. Not to forget my etsy store. 

I just love our white ceiling panels. When we rented this house two years ago we had them all painted white. Very unusual for a renter to invest that much in a house, I know. But we are German and in Germany it is very common to renovate your rental. Do you want to know how it looked, when we signed the lease? See below.

We went from this:

to this:

Aaaah - quiet a relieve, don't you think?

I also painted the curtain rods, the tile around the fire place and the brick below. Also I took the ugly amber colored lampshades off the chandelier. I wanted to replace the whole thing but we don't have room to store it. It's gigantic and very heavy.

That's how it looks today:

It is growing on me and I am surprised about how many compliments I have received for it already.

Now back to the sewing table...


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