Tuesday, March 18, 2014

P64: Tan

When I was about 12 my Girl Scout troop when horseback riding and I fell in love with horses for the first time. I took on again off again lessons on Casper, Mocha, and others, and went riding with a family friend on a sweet dapple girl named Leia. 

Have I ever owned a horse? No. Do I still dream of owning a horse? Yes.

Yes, I still would love to own a horse. Kind of a crazy dream for a girl married to the military moving every few years and living in different countries. I can't imagine the cost to ship a horse back to the states. Maybe one day though. The truth is, I don't know how to take care of a horse. I know general care but not the real ins and outs of life with a horse. And I don't have anywhere to keep it. Plus, horses are expensive. I get all of that. That is why I don't have one. I can still dream though.

We saw some pretty tan colored horses on our walk in Bavaria. I'm linking up my first picture to Project 64. The color reflecting off his coat is just perfect for the color match. I added the other photos just because I love them, with the light on his mane and rimming the whiskers around his nose. 

Such a pretty sight with the mountains behind them. What a view!

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