Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear Judah: Week 2

Dear Judah,

Has it already been another week already?! You are laying here beside me on the rug in your room. You and I are having a few minutes of quiet time together. You are alert and looking towards your abacus even though it's too far away for you to focus on. You have the hiccups. You have those a lot these days and you had them a lot when I was pregnant with you too. And you are waving your little quivering fists around and making little baby sounds every now and then. It's precious and I love this time with you, especially these quiet moments where I get to soak you all in. I could stare at you all day.

You've been having a growth spurt these past few days and everyone can really tell. Me, Daddy and Grammy have all commented on how much bigger you look in just the past 48 hours even. I can tell too because you've been wanting to nurse almost constantly, sometimes every hour! It's tiring but it's my job to feed you 24/7 and it's your job to grow so that's what we are doing together this week. You are totally worth it. You are my most important job these days.

Our growth spurt was actually confirmed at the doctor's office today when they weighed you and you weighed a whopping 9lbs 3 oz! They said you were looking great! You are peeling like a little lizard this week too. Before you were born your body created a little barrier on your skin protecting you from the water you were floating in and now you're shedding it. It's kinda cute.

We've done some tummy time this week which you don't seem to mind but only if Ariana is there to entertain you. She loves cheering you on. You impressed us with pushing your head and upper body up at only 10 days old. You are getting so much stronger.  When we burp you, propped up on our shoulder, you push yourself up to look around. Even your legs are getting stronger and push up on us when we hold you. You still do that sweet newborn thing though and curl your legs up when we pick you up. I love it every time you do that, it makes you seem extra cuddly, which you are!

I think you are most happy with a milk beard. Not a milk mustache, but a full on milk dribbling down your chin, all over your cheeks, milk beard. And you look up at me in your milk coma and you just look so content. I'm addicted to you! I'm addicted to your little toes and your little nose. Your pretty baby blue eyes and your peely little soft baby knees. I love the way you hold my hand and stare out the window when we all ride together and I ride in the backseat between you and your sister. I'm addicted to your soft fuzzy head of hair and your little dimple on your cheek. It's like a sweet little secret that you've shared with me. Those tiny little lips that turn up in the corners, and that you poke out into a little pout in your sleep. I'm addicted to your sweet baby smell. I'm addicted to all of you. Addicted I tell you!

We discovered that you don't really seem to like to be swaddled anymore. A few days ago we noticed that when we would start to swaddle you (at bedtime), you would cry and fight us. We've stopped swaddling you at bedtime and you seem happier. We only use the sleep sack now. You've been waking us up every 2-3 hours at night. You're on a pretty good schedule.

Most of the time you are calm but you can go from 0-100 in 2 seconds and you can be very loud too! You definitely know how to make your voice heard. I may be biased but it's a pretty darn cute cry though.

I just know you are smart already. There are times when you cry during a diaper change and when we are finishing up we tell you "all done" and I just know you are learning that those words mean we are about to pick you up and you calm down. Yes, sweet Judah, you are a smart one. I can't wait to see your personality emerge and watch you learn and grow.

I can't wait to see your sister teach you all the things that she knows. She's a great teacher and she loves sharing her knowledge. You are going to be her little student and I bet you'll look up to her and want to follow in her footsteps and do what she does. Seeing the two of you together is so sweet, it makes my heart burst with pride and happiness. I find myself smiling, and getting choked up just looking at the two of you together. I'm so in love with both of you!

This week you've been to Ariana's kindergarten, the commissary, the BX, the doctor, the Gartenshau,  and your first German festival (Hitscherhof Farm festival aka the pumpkin festival). You slept through them all but we were happy to have you there. To be a family of 4. To be doing things as a family of 4. We love having you in our family and we just know that you love being in our family too.

We are all so thankful for you sweet boy! I'm blessed to be your Mama. You amaze me each and every day. Keep growing!


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